Thursday, October 16, 2008

Ding Dong ~ Avon Calling! Junkin' for Sarah Palin (Part 2)

Gail and I saw an estate sale ad in the paper for a "50 year's of Avon products...."    They weren't kidding.  All in the original boxes.  First we found a cologne bottle in the shape of a gun. Really. It was one of a SERIES.  Who knew? In the 1970's, apparently Avon had a marketing plan for frustrated, suburban men who really wanted to go out and shoot something. Next up, we found aftershave for a moose and the bottle with a polar bear nestled on top of a (melting) glacier.  Now I am on the hunt (pun intended) for the most delicious moose stew recipe I can find...thank goodness it's estate sale day tomorrow!

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