Saturday, September 6, 2008

Chenille, Buttons & Bullets a.k.a. Junkin' for Sarah Palin

Yesterday, Gail and I set out for another estate sale adventure. And boy, did we have one! On our first stop we found kitchen stuff, vintage buttons, chenille bedspreads and...a metal clip holding 8 bullets. Price: $1.00. One of us made a crack about sending it off to Sarah Palin for good luck with that whole running the country business.

So, we jump in the truck to head to our next stop. On the way I say outloud, "Man I hope the next sale has some dead animals". The words were still hanging in the air when...

Deer hide, beaver skin and a fox stole that I just fell in love with!
Then it started to get a little scary. The last and final sale featured the following:

An alligator purse, 2 animal stoles (including teeth and tails!) and a hunting theme rug. ("Hey Mommy, look at those sweet deer!" "Great sighting Bristol, now grab your rifle and shoot one in the head!")

Finally, I returned home to see that my friend Marg had emailed me this:

It just doesn't get any better!

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