Wednesday, August 13, 2008

A little taste of Paris

Bonjour! Here's to all us gals who adore anything French: French fries, French toast, Leather-clad French men reeking of Gitanes and Bordeaux, preferably riding on a big motorcycle.

Voila! A little vignette of Paris that is currently on my mantel.

E.T. on the left I bought 20 years ago when I lived in New York at a junk shop called "Love Saves the Day" on 2nd Ave. @ around 9th St. It is not only a splendid thing to behold, but also serves a purpose. Two actually. It is a bottle (!) and also houses a music box which plays "Last time I saw Paris" of course.

E.T. on the right is also a bottle for a French cognac. I found this one at a garage sale in Upper Darby, Pennsylvania for $1. I must pause here to ponder why would anyone in their right mind would sell such a treasure for $1....pondering....

The small versions are vintage souvenirs. One I found on my first honeymoon (okay, okay I've had two) at a junk shop in the south of France. The provenance of the other one escapes me but I know for sure it was not found on my second honeymoon.

The oil painting of the river Seine I bought from the artist (cute and smelly) 5 years ago at the Clingnancourt Flea Market. I added the wide-mouth frog with a floral posy to the scene because he makes me happy and because he is a FROG.

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A Thing for Roses said...

Love your little homage to Paris on your mantel. I have a little "Paris" spot in my bedroom. I went two years ago and am dying to go back.