Saturday, June 28, 2008

Concrete & Condoms

I have not been a good blogger lately like my friend Magpie Ethel . Between my real job, end of school, an exploding ovary and my mother's 80th birthday party, my blogging has fallen by the wayside. I am, however, planning on getting back up to speed this weekend. I have the house to myself for the first time in, well...forever; and I plan to sit here and post my junky little heart out. And I have an excellent excuse since it is 140 degrees outside and I am on my 5th glass of iced coffee.

On a recent outing I found 2 treasures worth noting:

On the left, the newest member of my concrete frog fan club. I have several, this one cost $2 which made me oh so happy. On the right is a little metal box which caught my eye with the fab vintage image of a peacock. On closer inspection, I thought it might be a pill box.

The outside reads: "Dean's Peacocks Reservoir Ends". Something about the word "Reservoir" makes me think something else might be going on here. Ever so carefully, I lift the lid to see the following:

Yes, boys and girls, what I found in a basket nestled among plastic key rings and jars of glitter were vintage condoms. Whoever was the original owner must not have been too lucky since there were 3 unused rubbers in the tin made for 3. Poor thing! P.S. I am SO listing these on eBay.

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