Saturday, May 17, 2008

Church Rummage Sales

Tag sales are fun and estate sales are yummy, but my favorite kind of sale has always been a church rummage. Not sure if it's the old book smell, the prices, (you can still find stuff for 15 cents) the gals at the cashier's table adding up prices on a Bridge pad with a broken pencil or the mountains of vintage Christmas stuff. Any-hoo, the point is, the elements that all fine church rummage sales have in common are shown here: A handpainted sign advertising coffee and hot dogs, homemade cookies wrapped in Saran Wrap and a perfectly pleasant gal serving crappy coffee in Styrofoam cups. A Junker's Paradise!


Mom2fur said...

I love church rummage sales! And you're right--the way you describe them perfectly fits any I've been to here on the other side of the US--Long Island, New York. My favorite is when the Lutheran church near me does it--they have four rows of tables that must run 50 feet each, no to mention the bigger stuff on the floor. You can't beat the prices, LOL!

Popsicles & Lollipops said...

I'm with ya sister! Hands down, church rummage sales are my favorites. Love 'em! Cute sweet, little ladies. Nickle 'n dime pricing. Adorable handmade goodies. Lots of kitsch and vintage treasures. And home baked goodies. I always think I've died and gone to heaven...or maybe that's the church seeping into my brain as I shop. Do you think it's possible they use subliminal advertising? Hmmmmm. :-)