Sunday, February 17, 2008

Lucky Friday

My friend Gail and I tried to go to an estate sale on Friday. She thought it was on 133rd and Stark. Turns out it was on 143rd and Pine and it started SATURDAY. Oh well, there's got to be a thrift store around here somewhere....Bingo! Look what I got! Spring!

Photos: A swell gal who loves to make pies, a 1940's hottie in a white tux, happy couple about to go make out somewhere, and a BABY in a SWING!

Who doesn't need glittery, plastic grapes for a quarter?

The creme de la creme: a vintage room deodorizer with pink satin, lace and a flower arrangement in a thimble. Be still my foolish heart!


laurie said...

Oh happy day! The little duck is too cute. Cuckoo....

SisterDG said...

Ooh, that vintage room deodorizer is the coolest!